Adoptive Parents and Children

“Becoming a parent will be rewarding, fulfilling and fun but sometimes tiring and demanding. Sometimes adopted children have additional needs and many adoptive families benefit from some help and advice at different stages in their family life. Difficulties can arise from early experiences which influence your child’s behaviour at home or at school and you might want some advice or support to manage this. Or maybe there are some aspects of being an adoptive family which other families don’t experience. For example adopted children often need help to understand their past, or may want to find out more about their birth family or contact arrangements” (National Adoption Service for Wales website)

Your family may benefit from accessing adoption support for a number of different reasons and for varying lengths of time. For example you may wish to access a local adoption support group to meet with other adopters with shared experiences; you may be seeking some advice or guidance or information about available services and resources for adopted children and families; or you may feel that further training opportunities would be helpful.

Dependent upon your family’s needs, you may also benefit from having a social worker to support you for a period of time or it may be appropriate for your child to receive specialist therapeutic support. Such services may be provided following an assessment of adoption support needs.

Adoptive parents and children are entitled to request an assessment of adoption support needs which would consider the need for:

  • Counselling, information and advice
  • Training to assist with further understanding of the child’s needs
  • Support groups, meetings and events with adopters and/or adoptive children
  • Help with behavioural, attachment and other difficulties the child may experience
  • Help with contact between the child and their birth family
  • Financial support
  • Short breaks for an adopted child with another carer
  • Help where adoption breaks down or is at risk of breaking down

A social worker would meet with you and your child as part of the assessment to discuss your views on your family’s support needs and wellbeing. They may also need to liaise with Education and Health services to gather further information. Following the assessment, the adoption social worker will discuss with you their recommendations and agree any next steps.

If you would like any information and advice or to request an assessment, please contact us

  • 0800 023 4064


What else do we provide?

  • We offer a monthly toddler group for adoptive families catering for parents with children up until primary school age.
  • Twice a year we run Fun Days for adoptive families. These events are very well supported and are valued by the children and parents who attend.
  • We also run support group evenings on a quarterly basis with different topics for discussion including guest speakers.
  • We aim to provide a newsletter 3 times a year to keep in touch and to inform you of any upcoming events.

Please speak to an adoption social worker if you would like more information on any of these events. When you contact us we will need to take yours and your child’s details before we can provide further information.

We also have links with other organisations including Adoption UK. The Adoption UK Wales helpline is run from 10am to 2:30pm daily by trained staff and volunteers, most of whom are adoptive parents. They are available to have an informal chat or to offer information and advice on 02920 606200

All new adopters in Wales are currently offered membership of Adoption UK for free. If you have recently been approved or had a child placed, please speak to your adoption social worker regarding this. Adoption UK also run a number of support groups in our region.