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We want you to feel as prepared as possible when exploring adoption. On this page you will find different videos and series that we and the National Adoption Service have created. The videos and series highlight adopters and adopted individuals and their stories.

Becoming Parents

Becoming Parents is a four part series looking at adoption through the eyes of five people who have become parents with Vale, Valleys and Cardiff. During the series the parents talk about their experiences during different parts of the adoption process from ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Becoming a Family’.

The series covers the experience of a range of families. All prospective adoptive parents are as unique as the children that we place with them. We are looking for people who can provide a safe, secure, encouraging and loving home for a child who needs it.

We would like to thank to Philipa, Ross, Michael, Gareth and Claire for taking part in this series and for sharing their stories, raising awareness and ultimately inspiring others to think about adopting.

Getting Started

Personal Assessment 

Matching and Getting to Know Each Other

Becoming a Family

See the Whole Child

‘See the Whole Child’ is a campaign run by the National Adoption Service (NAS Cymru). The National Adoption Service oversee adoption in all of the regions of Wales. The campaign highlights stories from adoptive parents and adult children who have been adopted.

#SeeTheWholeChild, we need adopters from NAS Cymru on Vimeo.

Gareth & Helen (Welsh subtitles) from NAS Cymru on Vimeo.

Eileen (Welsh subtitles) from NAS Cymru on Vimeo.

Martin & Ellie-Rose (Welsh subtitles) from NAS Cymru on Vimeo.

Colin & Carol from NAS Cymru on Vimeo.