Birth Families

Adopted adults or birth relatives of an adopted person may request an intermediary service to assist in tracing and establishing contact with each other.

This process can be difficult for all involved and can only take place if this is in the best interests of all concerned. Adopted people can restrict or block any information being given out about them and can refuse to be contacted if they do not wish for this to happen. As an intermediary agency, we cannot disclose any identifying information about any person without first getting their consent.

We will support you at all stages through the process. Where a birth relative or adoptive relative resides in another local authority area, we may request that the adoption agency in that area also offers support.

Please be aware that we receive a high volume of requests and unfortunately there is often a lengthy waiting list for this service. Should you wish, we can provide you with contact details for other Intermediary agencies who may be able to offer you a service, although you would need to pay a fee to use their services.

You can also add yourself to the Adoption Contact Register, for further details please visit:

If you would like to request access to records, or an intermediary service please contact us: