Adoption Support

Experience brings a greater understanding of the different emotions felt by the adopters at different stages, and the support they require to help them through this sensitive period.


“You do have to parent in a different way and we are still learning. The past experience of an adopted child is thrown at you and you have to deal as best you can even when it contradicts conventional parenting. Such techniques do not work with M. and only intensify negative responses and feelings of hurt. We do also admit that M. demands more from us than other children do of their parents in our family and circle of friends.” - Adoptive parent of a child who developed significant needs

We work in the best interests of children to ensure we make a positive difference in their lives – and yours too! The package of support to our adoptive families includes:

  • tailored training courses specific to the needs of the adopter and the adopted child
  • adoption allowances in some cases
  • post-adoption training and support groups
  • social activities for adopters and adopted children
  • buddying up with other adoptive parents
  • signposting and support in accessing relevant services
  • direct work with children and families
  • life book for the adoptive child and adoptive family
  • lifelong support from the VVC Adoption Team


Adopted Adults

If you are an adopted adult you may wish to access information relating to your adoption and your birth family.

Adoptive Parents and Children

Adoptive parents and children are entitled to request an assessment of adoption support needs 

Birth Families

Adopted adults or birth relatives of an adopted person may request an intermediary service

Recommended Reading List

  • ‘‘Preparing for Adoption" by Julia Davies
  • ‘‘The Unofficial Guide to Adoptive Parenting’’ by Sally Donovan
  • “The Adopter`s Handbook” by Amy Salter  
  • “Attachment, Trauma and Resilience” by Kate Cairns 
  • “An Adoption Diary” by Maria James
  • “Talking About Adoption to your Adopted Child” by Marjorie Morrison
  • "From Fear to Love’’ by Bryan Post
  • “Parenting a child with emotional & behavioural difficulties” by Dan Hughes  (in Parenting Matters series)
  • “Adopted Children Speaking” by Caroline Thomas
  • "Adopters on Adoption: Reflections on Parenthood and Children” by David Howe 
  • "Life Story Books for Adopted Children; a family friendly approach” by Joy Rees
  • "No Matter What” by Sally Donovan


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